International Festival of Glass

The 2015 British Glass Biennale was once again a unique showcase of the work of 76 artists, designers and craftspeople exhibiting 122 pieces of work. All selected artists had been living and working for the previous two years in the UK or Northern Ireland, but many originated from across the globe, including Costa Rica, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, Germany and Japan as well as glass artists living and working in the historic Stourbridge Glass Quarter.  The pieces embraced a vast range of glassmaking techniques including blown, kiln formed, slumped and engraved glass with pure clean crystal through to opaque vessels and pieces featuring surface painting and glass inclusions. Submissions ranged from the miniature to large scale installations.

British Glass Biennale Jury 2015

  • Janice Blackburn: Freelance Curator and Journalist of contemporary craft and design. 
  • Graham Fisher: Glass Historian and Author
  • Mark Holford: Private Glass Collector
  • David Reekie: Glass Artist
  • Jonathan Watkins: Director, Ikon Gallery

Appointed Chair of the Jury panel: Mark Holford

Matt Durran: British Glass Biennale, Exhibition Organiser & Curator

Kate Goldenberg: British Glass Biennale, Biennale Coordinator


  • British Glass Biennale Award for Best in Show: Ashraf Hanna, Untitled 1
  • Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Award: Ruth Shelley, Indian Intarsia
  • Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Award, Runner Up: Nicholas Collins, Tumbling Blocks Charcoal
  • Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award: Haley Haddow, Orinoco Flow 1
  • Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award, Runner Up: Deborah Martin, Nude
  • Art in Action Award for Contemporary Glass: Margaret Alston, Large White Pâte de Verre, relief bands
  • craft&design magazine Award: Elliot Walker, Still Life with a Lime
  • craft&design magazine Highly Commended: Alicja Patanowska, Stratum VI / 2014. Photo: Sylvain Deleu
  • The London Glassblowers’ Award for Emerging Talent: Harry Morgan, Entropy Study 3  and Cara Louise Walker, Aphasia
  • The National Glass Centre’s Emerging Artist Residency Prize: Choi Keeryong,  Korean Glass 24
  • The People’s Prize, Warm Glass UK

2015 Artists

* indicates a student entry.

Karen Akester
Margaret Alston
Jenny Ayrton*
Emma Baker*
Vic Bamforth
Eddie Belvedere*
Scott Benefield
Juli Bolaños-Durman
Dan Bowran*
Karen Browning
Edmond Byrne
Keeryong Choi
Katharine Coleman
Nicholas Collins
Erin E Dickson
Shirley Eccles
Rachel M Elliott
Fiaz Elson
Louis Thompson and
Hanne Enemark
Sally Fawkes and
Richard Jackson
Carrie Fertig
Corrina Field
Katya Izabel Filmus
Livvy Fink
Alec Galloway
Zoe Garner
Stephen and Kate Gilles Jones
Phoebe Gowen*
Haley Haddow*
Ashraf Hanna
Gillian Hobson
Sienna Holihan*
Ana Rosa Hopkins
Ingrid Hunter
Elin Isaksson
Max Jacquard
Shelley James
Angela Jarman
Alison Kinnaird
Emma Mackintosh
Julia Malle
Geoffrey Mann
Deborah Martin*
James Maskrey
Gayle Matthias
Helen Maurer
Faith Mercer*
Harry Morgan*
Rosa Nguyen
Linda Norris
Amanda Notarianni
Jochem Ott
Inge Panneels
Alicja Patanowska*
Jacque Pavlosky
Kevin Petrie
Bruno Romanelli
Ruth Shelley
Tao Shen*
Lisa Sheppy
Cathryn Shilling
Amanda Simmons
Ayse Simsek and Heike Brachlow
Nancy Sutcliffe
Ayako Tani
Deborah Timperley
Eliot Walker
Cara Louise Walker
Karin Walland
Surinder Warboys
Julia Williams*
Emma Woffenden
Invited artist: David Reekie