International Festival of Glass

This year we were proud to have presented prizes in collaboration with the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers, London Glassblowing, The Glass Association, craft&design magazine, Warm Glass and The National Glass Centre; with a special prize for young collectors sponsored by Mark Holford.  

The winners of the 2017 Awards

The winner of the £5000 British Glass Biennale Award 2017 is Joseph Harrington for St Helens ii  

The Winner of the Glass Sellers Arts and Craft Awards is Heike Brachlow with Analemma

The Runner Up of the Glass Sellers Arts and Craft Awards is Paul Stopler for Sia

The Winner of the Arts Glass Sellers Student Award is Jade Tapson for Scale

The Runner Up of the Glass Sellers Student Award is Andrew Collins for Urban Chandelier

The Winner of the London Glassblowing Emerging Artist Award is Monette Larsen for Static Movement

The Winner of the Glass Association Award is Colin Reid for Sunflowers R1892

The Runner Up of the Glass Association Award is Nancy Sutcliffe for Fabulous Beasts

The Winner of the Young Collectors' Award is Jonathan Michie for Exit, Pursued by a Bear

The Winners of the craft&design Award are Cathryn Shilling and Anthony Scala for The Fragile Nature of Earthly Pleasures

The Runner Up of the craft&design Award is Jade Tapson for Scale

The Winner of the National Glass Centre's Emerging Artist's Residency Prize is Monette Larsen for Static Movement

The Winner of the People's Prize is Colin Reid for Sunflowers R1892

Congratulations to all our winners. 

The Young Collector's Award's Haughty Hawk was awarded to Dante from Buckinghamshire.

The Jury members for the British Glass Biennale 2017 were:

Barbara Beadman:        Member of the Board, British Glass; Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers

Scott Benefield:            Artist, educator and writer; Member of the Advisory Committee, Glass Art Society (US)

Aonghus Gordon:          Founder and Chair, Board of Trustees, Ruskin Mill Land Trust

Rosy Greenlees:            Director, Crafts Council

Maja Heuer:                  Museum Director, The Glass Factory, Boda, Sweden

2017 selected artists:

Tamsin Abbott

 Jonathan Michie*

Philippa Beveridge

Joanne Mitchell

Heike Brachlow

Linda Norris

Mim Brigham*

Jochen Ott

Edmond Byrne

Helen Pailing*

Amanda Charles*

Kate Pasvol

Keeryong Choi

Anne Petters

Adele Christensen

Laurie Ramsell

James Clark & Cathryn Shilling

Colin Reid

Andrew Collins*

Daniel Rollitt*

Jeff Cunningham

Bruno Romanelli

Simon Eccles

Jeffrey Sarmiento

Shirley Eccles

Ruth Shelley

Rachel Elliott

Cathryn Shilling & Anthony Scala

Carrie Fertig

Andrea Spencer

Kate & Stephen Gillies Jones

Helen Stokes*

Joseph Harrington

Paul Stopler

Eugenie Henshaw*

Nancy Sutcliffe

Dot Hill

Ayako Tani

Charlotte Hughes-Martin

Jade Tapson*

Ingrid Hunter

Louis Thompson

Julie Johnson

Angela Thwaites*

Monette Larsen

Deborah Timperley

Lola Lazaro Hinks*

Noreen Todd

Jessie Lee

Andrea Walsh

James Lethbridge

Clare Wilson

Anne-Marie Lowe*

Emma Woffenden

Alison Lowry

Jeff Zimmer

Christiaan Maas

Maria Zulueta*

Allister Malcolm

 Scott Benefield - invited artist

Joanna Manousis

 Matt Durran - invited artist

James Maskrey

 * indicates student entry