The Black Country is one of the world’s classic areas of geology. Its past ancient environments of shallow tropical limestone seas, vast steaming swamp forests, scorching deserts and frozen icy wastelands created the very varied patchwork of rock types and geological structures that we can see and explore today. The Glass Quarter has a very special place within the overall context of the aspirations for Black Country to become a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Geopark Project Leader, Graham Worton, demonstrates how the geology of the Crystal Mile gave birth to the glass industry and how the science of glass proved a wonderfully versatile material for human creativity and utility.

Hands on displays and activities will show examples of natural glass and the natural minerals that were used to colour glass and how the raw materials of the coalfield were used for the basics of glass production. Look through the microscope to see how thin sections of rocks act as Nature’s miniature ‘stained glass windows.

Free with Festival Pass (no charge for children under 16)

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