experienceCOLOUR is an international exhibition that will be hosted at the Glasshouse in Stourbridge from the 28th August to 14th October. This unique exhibition presents Goethe's research on colour in a series of interactive exhibits which allow the visitor to explore phenomena and experiment with colour. Developed in Switzerland, this exhibition is the first of its kind to be hosted in the UK.

experienceCOLOUR is ideal for school trips and offers huge potential for cross curricular learning. The Teachers Conference is a great opportunity for professional development in the science of light and colour and to find out how to get the best out of a school visit to the exhibition. 

Summary of content

Wednesday 29th August 6pm 

Opening lecture 

Thursday 30th August 9am - 6:30pm 

Light and darkness, exploring shadows, complementarity, additive and subtractive colour mixing, colours arising from colourless conditions, rainbows and prisms. 

Friday 31st August 

Refraction and dispersion, interference, edge spectra and complementarity, Newton and Goethe in context, illumination, after images, artwork.

Come and join us for this unique, exciting and inspiring event!

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