Fading Into Nothingness promotion banner displaying times of performance

The Merlin is proud to present the opening of Fading into Nothingness, written by Theo Griffiths, a former student of Freeman College. Theo has since graduated and moved to Mind the Gap theatre company for further training in the entertainment industry and is continuing their vision to raise awareness of autism and mental health through their play.

Fading into Nothingness sees a Sheffield family torn apart by grief, how they cope with their teenage son, Zack (played by Theo) whom is autistic and already struggling in mainstream school.

Fading into Nothingness is a unique project that has allowed Theo to discover the vessel of storytelling with purpose and poignant themes that are relatable. Theo’s ongoing ambition is to encourage and action inclusivity, regardless of ones limitations and abilities, and he hopes to do this by writing and performing in Theatre.

Fading into Nothingness is a short play and its success will determine whether the production can continue to raise awareness by going on tour. All actors are professional and local; this is a profit share project.

Please note, the performance is not suitable for young children.

There is limited parking, any parking is reserved for elderly and disabled users only. Please be mindful on how you choose to travel to the Theatre.

Booking for this event has now closed.