This two day workshop will seek to demonstrate the collaboration between science, art and therapy under the guidance of experienced practitioners Karin Jarman, an Art Therapist and Alasdair Gordon, Educational Consultant. The two days will cover different aspects of colour phenomena and polarity in the world of colour. The course leaders will show a pathway to understand how guided

Course Programme

Day 1


Introduction into the experience of polarities with clay, charcoal and prism experiments to experience the birth of colour out of light and dark.

Demonstration of single coloured light and their effects on us.


Phenomena of coloured shadows, after images and prism experiments to experience the green and magenta arising as bridging colours.

Concluding with a social painting experience and evaluation.


Day 2


Exploring the qualities of the green as a healing colour and bridge between the warm and cool spectrum in painting and conversation.

 Demonstration of the spectrum with green and the magenta one.


The experience of totality in bringing both halves together in the  complete colour circle. Turner as an example of a painter who has creatively explored the dynamics of the colour circle.

Painting exercises to experience this for ourselves.

Demonstrating the coming together of polarities into totality and our inner responses to this.

The resulting recognition of the importance of a correct theory of colour as a foundation to understand the connection of our experience of the outer world resonating within (the basis for the therapeutic application of colour).

Concluding conversation in the round and evaluation.

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