On the 13th and 14th of October 2018, The Merlin Theatre will be holding a writing festival with the theme of 'Memories of Sheffield'. This event is open to the public including students and staff of Freeman College and everyone is encouraged to enter!

A few guidelines to keep in mind as you consider entering:

  • All applicants must be 18 or older.
  • Any genre is acceptable, but must be family friendly and it must be kept to the theme of memories of Sheffield as well as being appropriate to Ruskin Mills Values and Visions.
  • All applicants must live in Sheffield.
  • We accept poems, stories, short stories, plays and scenes as material to be performed during the festival.
  • Please note, we only provide a venue and technical assistance for this event. Your piece should be rehearsed and ready prior to the opening of the Festival.
  • For stories, five hundred words min, 2000 words max.
  • Plays no longer than twenty minutes
  • Scenes no longer than ten minutes
  • There will only be five applicants chosen
  • When submitting your work, please include a front cover which states your name, email and contact details. Character/story breakdown, very brief synopsis stating what category your submission falls under e.g Plays, poetry etc and please let us know how many pages your document is. 
  • 40/60 split between the Artist and the Merlin. 
  • The weekend will consist of 2 performances of your work, one on Saturday the 13th of October and then Sunday the 14th of October. Time: 7-9:30 p.m 
  • Memories of Sheffield is a new festival that has been created by a Student of Freeman College whom is passionate about storytelling and writing, they wanted to give something meaningful back to the community as well as collaborating with the people of Sheffield. 

Thank you for reading the guidelines, we hope you will consider entering and just as a reminder the entries will be due before the 9th of July 2018 and we will have chosen the final applicants by the 11th of July 2018. 

Many thanks and we hope you will be part of our new Festival where we can share our 'Memories of Sheffield' in Sheffield, at one of the most beautiful Theatres in the country.