Stories of Sanctuary is an emotive and poignant show of original songs written and performed by those seeking sanctuary in County Durham. The project emerged out of friendships between Durham residents and Syrian refugees. The choir perform songs, stories and poetry about their experiences and their hopes for the future, many of which were written by the choir members themselves.

It stems from the idea that sanctuary is an ancient concept that dates back even before the arrival of the first dwellers in the city of Durham in 995AD, who were a community of monks, carrying an Irish saint – Saint Cuthbert – who became exiled from their home on the Island of Lindisfarne by the Vikings in the 9th century. The project weaves together stories from the past with modern day stories of finding sanctuary from war and conflict, to tell a different narrative about what it means to be living in the North East of England today.

You are warmly invited into a community that inspired infectious friendships as well as deeply beautiful songs. Featuring the National Syrian Orchestra’s Raghad Haddad, Syrian poet Hasna Al Hassoun and singer-songwriter Sam Slatcher.

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance.

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Stories of Sanctuary

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