TEENAGE SKILL UP is a series of new workshops which aims to give young people direct access to some of the great international artists appearing in the festival. 

In this workshop you will explore alternative techniques for reverse painting and printing on glass using some unusual materials, including rubber stamps and make a PVA glue and a glitter mix for a backing colour for your runes. It is an exciting opportunity to work with an artist well known for working with mosaic, ceramics and glass painting to create magical and mysterious imagery.  

The workshop has been subsidised through the generous support of Mark Holford.

£10 each to cover materials. Maximum of 10 in the class. 

Any places not taken up by 9.30am will be offered to non-teenagers. 

KéKé Cribbs was born in Colorado Springs, CO in the early 1950's, the eldest  of five children. Her parents were both craftsmen, and her father had a  shop called "Arts Crafts and Hobbies". Their  early interest in the arts, and subsequent encouragement to their children, had a huge influence on KeKe, and "making things" has always  been a necessary component of her life.

KéKé has living in Ireland and Corsica where she became interested in ancient history, mythology and the architecture of ancient towns and dwellings.  In 1976 she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, which deepened both her knowledge and curiosity. When she discovered the decorative pottery of  the prehistoric Mimbres people she became fascinated by the narrative quality of the imagery. Thus began her career as a glass artist, leading her to explore a myriad of various glass techniques which included sandblasting, engraving and vitreous enamels. 

KéKé is essentially a self taught artist. It is her life experiences and a fascination with process which has led her to develop a unique approach to making her art work. In her view the mystery surrounding objects from the past creates its own narrative in the mind of the onlooker. 

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Rune making with KeKe Cribbs

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