Members of our community groups and members of the public will be invited to learn new skills using an experimental approach derived from the ancient art of ‘bodging’ (aka greenwood work). All participants will get to try their hand at improvising and collaborating and making to make a new set of chairs and a table to go in our Café and Bakery.

The Bodging Project is a collaborative group of designer-makers who came together in 2010 when Chris Eckersley organised a one-off event called Bodging Milano. The idea was simple: all designers want to make the perfect chair, let's go back to basics, get away from computers and drawing boards, and learn the ancient art of 'bodging' - aka greenwood chair-making. And then let's put what we've made straight on a van and take it all to the Milan Furniture Fair!

Unexpectedly the project then developed a life of its own with requests for the 'bodgers' to present events everywhere from the V&A Museum to Glastonbury Festival. What started as green-woodworking developed into 'bodge thinking' as the team deliberately reduced the gap between design and craft, and encouraged the general public to get involved.

The Hive and Chris Eckersley will be putting on this event as part of Make! Craft! Live!, a programme of events celebrating 50 years of the Craft Council.

Chris Eckersley is a Birmingham-based artist whose work covers drawing, installation, three-dimensional design, research into measurement and proportion, and designs for furniture. Chris is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of the Learned Society of Extra Ordinary Objects.

The Craft Council is the national charity for craft, founded in 1972. They support and nurture craft businesses, run learning groups and much more. They believe craft skills and knowledge enrich and uplift us as individuals, and can change our world for the better.