The Souls Awaken

Rudolf Steiner's fourth mystery drama


This remarkable drama, newly translated into English by Richard Ramsbotham, is being directed by Michael Chase – a very accomplished director and performer. The Stroud Mystery Drama Group is a group of mainly amateur performers who have been working with these plays for the last seven years. The group performed the first three dramas to great acclaim in June 2011, November 2012 and March 2015 respectively and is looking forward to performing the fourth in the autumn.


Steiner’s Mystery Dramas go far beyond our normal conceptions of drama. They take place on several different planes of existence. As well as the contemporary human beings at the centre of the drama, various spiritual beings appear, who are involved, whether for good or bad, in the inner trials of the characters. The Mystery Dramas are above all contemporary dramas of initiation.


In 'The Souls Awaken' challenges are faced which have a clear and urgent relevance to our contemporary reality. The characters face difficulties that are immediately recognisable – seemingly rigid management structures, the economic realities of running a business with spiritual aims and the challenge of technology. It is about the huge spiritual struggles the characters encounter within themselves and with each other. Performances will take place as follows:


27th & 28th October 2018

Sibly Hall, Wycliffe College, Bristol Road, Stonehouse GL10 2AF


3rd & 4th November 2018

Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT


10th November 2018

Merlin Theatre, Meadow Bank Road, Sheffield S11 9AH


17th November 2018

Phoenix Theatre, Newton Dee Village, Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9DX


Performance at The Merlin Theatre starts at 2 PM and last for between 5 and 6 hours (including two intervals).