B    E    C    O    M    I    N    G         G    L    A    S    S

Andy Garbi’s VITRESCENCE in the Red House Glass Cone as part of International Festival of Glass on August 26 is set to be a spectacular world-premiere audiovisual event. The sound artist/singer/composer/ has been working with resident glass artist Charlotte Hughes-Martin to develop glass instruments for the piece. This is a video of a prototype hybrid post-horn (currently held together with spit and tape!) featuring a glass “bell” created by Charlotte that uses glass-blowing irons that have been modified by local engineer Steve Snaith and a trumpet mouthpiece being fixed to the end. This is being played in-situ by Alice Pirrie inside the Red House Cone Chimney so imagine 18 of these playing - some of them being made live at the event by Charlotte and her team…

Not to be missed!

Date Saturday 26 August 8.30pm
Venue Red House Glass Cone
Price £10.00 including a glass of wine.

Booking via Red House Glass Cone on 01384 812750