The Hive JQ

The Hive is a community hub for Birmingham in an historic building, with an award-winning organic café and bakery, craft workshops, exhibitions and event spaces.

We are making a series of short films which explore enjoyment and inclusivity. Using the Jewellery Quarter as inspiration, our squad of film makers will be considering how we interact with the world around us, and thinking about ways that all of us can help those who see, feel and experience things a bit differently.


Autism and Neurodivergence

One of our first projects is a film to raise awareness and acceptance of autism issues, exploring how autistic and neurodivergent people experience museums, heritage sites and other public places. We have created a survey as we would like to know more about the experiences of people who are autistic and neurodivergent in these different spaces. Completing the survey is a great opportunity to add your voice to this new film. 

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