Light and Colour in Storytelling

We relate to light from the moment we enter the world until the moment we leave it - but most of us don’t give it much thought. In this talk and demonstration, award winning Theatre Lighting Designer and Director of the Program in Theatre at Princeton University, Jane Cox will investigate how emotion and perception are influenced by light and colour. Read more

Grains of Infinty: Ruskin, Turner and the Floors of Paradise

Ruskin initially defined colour in painting as inferior to form but his long love affair with the work of Turner led him into a deeper understanding of the complexity of colour and its relation to our most profound experiences in both the natural world and human creativity. With particular emphasis on the handling of paint, Howard Hull, Director of Brantwood, explores the transformation of pigments into messengers of the soul. Read more

Prince Achmed

Prince Achmed is the oldest surviving animation feature film made by Lotte Reiniger and still stands as one of the great classics of the genre. With a new live score by musician Chris Davies this beautiful animated fairytale is based on tales from The Arabian Nights. “A joy to behold. Beautiful and innovative - age only adds to its brilliance and charm.” EmpireRead more

Light Steps

Light Steps by DancingStrong takes young audiences into the magical world of colour, music and interactive dance. Created for 2-5 year old’s Light Steps centres on the exploration of the changing light of day through the experiences of endearing rag doll, Alex. Alex’s journey is overseen by friends, dancers and a musician, whose movement, music and dance mirror the rag doll’s feelings and curiosity as the journey of the sun across the sky are experienced. Read more

Memories of Sheffield festival

Calling all writers in Sheffield, there is an exciting writing event being held at the beautiful Merlin Theatre based on your memories of Sheffield. If you feel that you would have what we are looking for, then please feel free to submit your work. Full details below.Read more

Christmas Craft Fair 2018

Ruskin Glass Centre - Christmas Craft Fair 2018Read more