Graham Fisher: Jewels on the Cut. Book launch and Canal Path Tour - Places available

Graham Fisher: Jewels on the Cut. Book Launch and Canal Path Tour Since its launch in 2010 Jewels on the Cut has established itself as the definitive guide to exploring the Stourbridge Glass industry from the perspective of the canal towpath that runs right through it. Read more

Heritage Walk - Amblecote Churchyard with Nick Baker. Places available

Amblecote Churchyard is the last resting place of a wide range of glass workers, ranging from master craftsmen to humble labourers. This walk looks at monuments to a cross section of those who worked in the glass industry; including famous Bohemian artists.Read more

Heritage Walk - Houses, Hovels and Hostelries with Nick Baker & Charles Hajdamach. Places available

At the height of the glass industry most people, whatever their social standing, walked to work. As a result, close by the glass factories, grew up a vast range of housing types and places of public entertainment, catering for all classes. Based on the 1901 census, this walk looks at how Amblecote’s wealthy and no so-wealthy lived cheek by jowl. Read more

REVISED Heritage Walk - Stourbridge Cemetery with Ian Williams. Places available

A walk around Stourbridge cemetery looking at the memorials to important people in the glass industry and other prominent citizens of the area. Ian Williams gives fascinating details about the lives of some of the cemetery's occupants. Read more

Heritage Walk - 1000 Years of Amblecote with Nick Baker. Places available

This walk examines the past of Amblecote from its historical origins as an Anglo-Saxon Manor, though the Industrial Revolution and advent of the glass industry, right up to its modern role as a place of vast new housing developments. Yet, where it is still possible, if you look carefully, to see reminders of a thousand years of social and industrial history.Read more