The Hive JQ

Craft campaign 2019

This year's craft campaign aims to bring together 1000 people from across Birmingham to craft tapestry bees for a collaborative tapestry artwork which connects Birmingham's people & places, cultures, stories and heritage. These 1000 individual bees will be stitched together into one single artwork by needlepoint tapestry artist Tina Francis. We are working with schools, community groups & the public are invited to stitch bees at events - will you be one of our 1000 stitchers? Click for details..Read more

Craft Experiences

Since 1879 the New Standard Works has a history of making. Products made here in the past include silver bangles, brooches, belt buckles, bottle stops, bracelets and bookmarks, wedding rings, chains, lockets, vesta cases, links and studs, pendants and jewellery of all description. The Jewellery Quarter is still home to contemporary Makers and Artisans and through our programme of craft experiences will be sharing their skills with you. Find out more...Read more

Create Daily

We like to think that every day could be a creative day! Visitors to our Heritage Room are welcome to dip into our boxes of craft materials and spend some time making something; you can either follow examples or use your imagination! A great way to relax in a light, friendly and calm environment, whatever your age. There is no charge, but we welcome small donations towards materials on a 'pay as you feel' basis. Read more...Read more