TITLE produce from the roof

In 2017 Argent College students and staff established a “microfarm” on the rooftop of the New Standard Works (this building), providing produce for the college kitchen and Hive Café.

Students grow seasonal, organic-biodynamic food crops, herbs and flowers as part of their integrated Seed-to-Table/Table-to-Seed Curriculum.

They are involved in each process; growing, harvesting, preparation and cooking as well as serving meals and sitting down together with fellow students and staff to an organic lunch every day of the academic year.

In the Café and College we pride ourselves on using fresh, local produce. Each year the microfarm produces hundreds of kilos of vegetable and herbs just a few steps away, compared to the hundreds and sometimes thousands of food miles travelled by conventional food.

images of rooftop garden and inside the dome

The Biodynamic approach at Ruskin Mill Trust

The Biodynamic approach to agriculture is founded on the concept of ‘the whole farm organism’, and the inter-relationship and connectivity between the various parts.

Biodynamic Agriculture: Re-imagining the potential of the farm, the human being, individuals, communities and the environment

Biodynamic Agriculture lives at the heart of the Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) and as such, for the students at Argent College we use the rooftop micro-farm as context and means of engagement in bringing about person-centred learning and development.

We are extremely grateful to all our very supportive funders:

  • The Morrison's Foundation
  • Ninevah Charitable Trust
  • Tesco's Bags of Help
  • Finnis Scott Foundation
  • George Henry Collins Trust
  • The Wisdom Factory
  • The Edwards and Dorothy Cadbury Trust