Set in our 100 acre biodynamic farm, Clervaux Garden School provides an opportunity for young people aged 10 - 16 years to learn and grow within a holistic educational framework. Our aim is to develop responsible, free-thinking young people who can contribute to society with initiative and purpose. We believe each child is unique and deserves a unique educational experience. The curriculum at Clervaux offers a balance of academic, artistic, and practical activities which engage the heads, hands and hearts of our pupils. We believe that education should develop the whole person intellectually, socially, emotionally, encourage their innate curiosity and result in a love of learning.

Our educational method is Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE), used at every Ruskin Mill Trust site.This internationally renowned and researched method has a positive impact on young peoples physical development as well as their mental wellbeing. Furthermore it enables them to develop skills across a wide range of areas.

Engagement in PSTE helps students to overcome previous barriers to learning, become skilled through doing purposeful activities and
contribute to the community. 

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