The environment


At The Hive we only use 100% compostable, recyclable and biodegradable consumables.

You will find plant starch lined paper cups, wooden take out cutlery, paper bags, paper straws, glass bottles and paper board boxes. No plastic!

If you bring back one of out take out cups to be recycled we will take 20% off your next hot drink!

Worm Composting at New Standard Works

In the Hive Cafe and at Argent College. staff and students take their environmental responsibilities very seriously. Within the building, all food and green waste is selectively collected and composted.

Waste is taken up to the micro-farm and put in our Ridan-In-Vessel Compost Tumbler for 2 -3 weeks. Once complete, the compost then goes down to the basement, and into our customised Worm composter for 3 - 4 months, enriching it further.

The finished worm castings are returned to the vegetable beds on the rooftop to complete the cycle - creating nutrient-rich, organic soil for our produce to grow.

This cycle constitutes the "Table-to-Seed" part of our student curriculum, and is unique to the Ruskin Mill Trust educational provision.

Worming composting at New Standard WorksSeparating Food Waste at New Standard Works