The Field Centre, a subsidiary trust of Ruskin Mill Land trust, was inaugurated at Michaelmas 2013 and acts as a hub for collaborative research at Ruskin Mill Trust. The trustees of the Field Centre, Inessa Burdich, Ian Clements, Aonghus Gordon and Simon Reakes, have appointed a consultative board to undertake research into the Trust's educational method and its underpinning influences.

The consultative board consists of Dr Laurence Cox, Field Centre research consultant and senior lecturer in sociology for the National University of Ireland Maynooth; associate researchers Dr Troy Vine and Dr Judyth Sassoon; Linda Farrow, The Field Centre manager and Dr Gill Nah, applied researcher. A broader cross-trust team of some 20 people supports the research initiative.

Housed in a purpose built, ecologically designed building, the research programme is designed to enhance both the Trust's therapeutic teaching methods and the skills and competence of its staff, to improve educational and life outcomes for Ruskin Mill Trust's students. 

The Field Centre undertakes three kinds of research within the trust, all in pursuit of our motto, practice enhanced research, research enhanced practice

  • Practitioner-led, action research by staff, for staff and students
  • Research into the Goethean Science paradigm
  • Research into the life, work and legacy of our key pedagogic influences: Rudolf Steiner, John Ruskin and key figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Practical programmes are aimed at supporting the development of the whole human being through an interdisciplinary approach, situation in professional contexts. A portfolio of taught programmes and workshops embody the principles of our Practical Skills Educational Method (PSTE) and aim to deepen staff understanding of PSTE's theoretical underpinnings. 

The Field Centre offers a range of courses, some designed just for Trust staff and some of which are open to external participants. 

  • Masters in Special Education (a three year programme delivered in collaboration with the Inland University of Norway, Lillehammer)
  • Pedagogic Potential of Craft
  • Teacher Development Programme
  • Therapeutic Properties of Music
  • Seven Fields of Practice for Ruskin Mill Trust Leaders
  • Goethean Science Programme

For more information on any of these courses please click here for the Field Centre website