International Festival of Glass

Festival news

  • Kārlis Bogustovs, skateboarding and the Glass Piano

    Marvel at this remarkable young Latvian as he not only brings his famous glass piano to the Festival but shows you how to make and use a glass skateboard ramp. Read more

  • Explore the magical world of Pinhole Photography

    Come and experience the captivating art and science of pinhole photography. This is the simplest way to take a photo using a pinhole instead of an optical lens in the simplest of cameras. Take pinhole photos around the site and develop them yourself in the amazing Phenomera mobile darkroom/camera obscura. Read more

  • The UK's Last Glass Eyemaker to appear at the Festival

    In 2006 the Festival featured Germany’s most renowned glass eye maker, Walter Hellbach. For 2017 we bring you the last glass eyemaker working in the UK. Marvel at the skill and lifelike eyes made by Jost Haas - demonstrations on Sunday and Monday. Read more

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