Do you live or work in the Jewellery Quarter and could give eight hours a year to support the work of local not-for-profit organisations & projects in the area, and help them achieve more?

Eight hours doesn't sound a lot but can make a difference. Eight hours spread over twelve months, is totally do-able, right? Join our pilot JQ active citizen scheme to find out.

Active8 will signpost bite-size (ad hoc) volunteering opportunities to you and make it easier for you to contribute your time in the JQ to the benefit of local not-for-profit organisations and charities

image about the Active8 active citizen scheme in the JQ.

How it works

1. Sign up for an Active8 record card. Pop into The Hive in Vittoria Street to collect it. Contact: [email protected]

images of the Active8 card

2. 'Like' us on Facebook (other options available) to discover new bite-sized volunteering opportunities in the area. @Active8JQ

3. When you see something you would like to help with; get in touch with the 'opportunity' owner. Get active. Enjoy being involved.

4. Get in touch when you've done 8 hours. You can have another card if you want one, or share your experiences with us.

For more information and to sign up: contact Suzanne by email (see above) or DM facebook @Active8JQ or twitter @thehiveJQ

Terms and Conditions

Active8 admins will post any new opportunities to Facebook. Please ‘like’ us to receive these updates. If you do not use Facebook, let us know and we'll arrange to communicate with you in another way.
Active8 is administered by the heritage team at Ruskin Mill Land Trust, based at The Hive in the New Standard Works, 43-47 Vittoria Street, Jewellery Quarter – in collaboration with other heritage organisations, venues and not-for-profit organisations based in the Jewellery Quarter and in association with the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust.
By signing up as an Active8 Active Citizen you consent to Ruskin Mill Land Trust storing the details provided above in an electronic database and for us to contact you about Active8 opportunities and other connected news through any of your preferred means of communication. You can tell us at any time that you no longer wish to receive any news or details of opportunities from Active8.
Active8 works on the basis that those signed up to the scheme contact the ‘Opportunity Owners’ if they are interested in taking up a voluntary opportunity. If you make direct contact with any of the organisations in our collaboration, you will have entered a new relationship in respect of data protection.
Active8 is a partnership scheme to signpost bite-size (ad hoc) volunteering opportunities and make it easy for people to contribute their time in the JQ to the benefit of local not-for-profit organisations and charities; it is not an organisation. If you choose to get involved with a collaborating organisation offering volunteering opportunities through Active 8, you will enter into a separate arrangement; working under the terms of their volunteering policy, procedures and insurance.