Kārlis Bogustovs graduated in Sculpture from Riga's Design an Art High School and Glass Art in Art Academy of Latvia. His best known artwork is the glass piano "The Sound of Architecture" that was exhibited in London's Canary Wharf. 

Now Kārlis is focusing on glass and skateboarding. He says "uniting glass art with skateboarding an innovative approach arises. Skateboarders ride through the glass creates an intense image for the viewer, but the glass shape, shining in the rays of light recalls its unfathomable beauty, fragility and strength at the same time. Skateboarding is alive and elusive, like glass, in both forms it remarks opposing force interaction, which can be seen quite clearly by an expert and easily perceived by a simple observer. In 1947, the surfers went into cities and looked for ways to conquer the "urban waves". They are portrayed as geometric waves, the light rays vibrate throughout the
water, glass has the capacity to capture this miraculous moment.

Kārlis will be at the Ruskin Glass Centre throughout the Festival - come and have a go on the piano or show us your skateboarding skills!