Renowned British playwright Peter Oswald has written an inspirational new play especially for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning difficulties at Ruskin Mill Trust. This exciting new play will go on tour throughout the UK over 2021 and 2022, performing to outdoor audiences, and we are seeking support to run the project. To get involved visit

Peter Oswald is a renowned British playwright who has written for Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre and other leading theatre companies.

Fully immersing themselves in the project are the students at Freeman College in Sheffield, who have been learning about the story of King Arthur and eagerly planning the show’s tour. Working with Peter also gave our students an insight into what it’s like to be a professional writer, and they were all too keen to share their experience with us for the recent Run of the Mill issue:

“At Freeman College, we are all very excited about being a part of the Arthur project. So far, we have immersed ourselves in the stories and legends through research, improvisation, music and discussions. The day we met the writer Peter Oswald was very special, listening to his ideas for characters, the plot and exploring scenes based on the synopsis of his play. We had a chance to find out what it is like to be a professional writer and we had an opportunity to share our ideas and he got to know us too.”

“I’m really looking forwards to the Arthur production, especially meeting the other students and rehearsing together.”

- Jack, student at Freeman college

“Jack became absorbed in the idea of the show touring the UK. He has been working on a map with all the potential performance venues, distances in between, rest days and the setting up of the venues. Through Jack’s interest in the signs of the Zodiac, he found a way to explore the character of Arthur through a piece of movement, with Arthur as a whirlpool, the Zodiac spinning around him, spinning him and eventually overwhelming him.”

“During further improvisations, Jay and Jack put down their fighting swords and started to rap, in a verbal encounter between the characters of Mordred and Arthur.”

“Jay, who was already a big fan of the Arthur story, was inspired to watch documentaries, read books and watch films to gain more insights. Joe, who as an actor is interested in character portrayal, has enjoyed looking at the lives and living conditions of people during that time.”

“We are all now looking forward to reading and working on Peter’s finished script and meeting everyone involved in the project from the other colleges.”

– Esther Palfreymam, Administration Manager at Freeman College

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