Maja Heuer, Director the Glass Museum in the heart of Sweden’s Kingdom of Crystal, explains the paradigmatic shifts in glass; deconstruction, revaluation and redefinition at a time of change. 12 noon.

The 2015 British Glass Biennale winner Ashraf Hanna discusses the relationship between his ceramic and glass forms and his journey with glass. 2pm

Czech artist Ondrej Novotny presents a portfolio of his glass designs and a slideshow about his life in Czech Republic. Time 3pm


An informal slideshow by leading Czech artist Martin Janecky shows some of the highlights of his career and influences. 11am

David Wilkinson holds the warrant as glass restorer by royal appointment to the Queen and  is the UK’s premier chandelier maker. Wilkinson originally started as a Stourbridge company in the 1920s before moving to London. 
12 noon

The Askett Glass Artists share their collective experience of working together, complementing their exhibition ‘In a New Light’ inspired by Waddesdon Manor. 2pm

Professor Neil Hyatt gives us an accessible and absorbing presentation on how glass is being used to safely immobilise nuclear waste. 3pm

Artist and educator Patricia Davidson spent 10 years working as a member of Dale Chihuly’s team. She has an artistic desire to express reverence for the resplendent spiritual power inherent in nature and the disdain she feels for man’s endless quest to conquer it. 4pm


Barbara Webb married into the nobility of the Stourbridge Crystal Industry and reflects on life during the peak of the crystal industry and the heart wrenching decision to sell the family business to Royal Doulton. 11am

Barbara Middlemas presents the life of John Corbett, who rose from being the son of a canal boat carrier to becoming a Member of Parliament and one of the most generous philanthropists of his time in the Black Country. 12 noon

Patricia Davidson leads the Hot Shop Heroes project at Tacoma Museum, US, and will share the experience of developing the programme and the challenges and rewards for the participants. 2pm

Merlyn Farwell provides a useful insight into furnace energy efficiency to help combat the risk of rising fuel bills and impending changes in legislation. 4pm


NEW LECTURE: Phil Forder describes the impact of drawing portraits of inmates from Parc Prison, Wales, which accompanies a special Festival exhibition. Prisoners cannot have photographs of themselves sent out to families and loved ones - for a man on a long sentence this can cause stress as children grow up without seeing their dad - but drawn portraits, however, are permitted. After being asked by one prisoner to draw him, Phil Forder then embarked one drawing hundreds of portraits, with remarkable results. 11am 

Professor António Pires de Matos describes innovative developments in the preparation of different types of coloured glas, demonstrating how luminescent glasses under ultraviolet light and with different colours have been applied in different artworks, and the use of nanoparticles to obtain yellow and ruby gold glass. 12 noon

NEW LECTURE: Oliver Cheney, Principal of Glasshouse College, gives an insightful lecture on "Silica, silicon and how material has changed us – The impact of glass on contemporary society and child development", drawing on the experience of using glass to work therapeutically with young people with learning disabilities. 

Image: Luminescent glasses made by Cesare Toffolo at VICARTE.