Jost Hass was apprenticed and trained for four years in Weisbaden, Germany, which has always made the finest glass eyes. He relocated to the UK in 1968 and still holds clinics at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London as an ocularist.   He has made glass eyes for 50 years but now he is close to retirement. When he switches off his bunsen burner for good there will be no more glass eye makers in Britain.

Making a glass eye takes about one hour using very simple equipment with incredible skill and dexterity. A typical modern glass eye is not like a large solid marble. It is a hollow half sphere, a thin shell that fits over the non-working eye, if it is still there. Otherwise it goes over a ball that has been surgically implanted into the eye socket and attached to the eye muscles. Most prosthetic eyes will have a degree of movement. Patients require their prosthetic eyes replacing every two years. Today most artificial eyes are made of acrylic.

This film provides a glimpse into a fascinating world.

YouTube Video

Jost will be demonstrating on Sunday 27 and Monday 28 August at the Ruskin Glass Centre. A rare chance to see a master at work.

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