A community glass fusing project which involved museum outreach staff working with adult and family groups. The fragile nature of glass was compared to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Fusing broken glass, in a safe and friendly environment shows how heritage and culture can help to create unique and beautiful art and is also good for the soul.

21 August - 29 September 
Red House Glass Cone

Glass for Good: Scents and Sensibility

This display of glass perfume bottles explores the history of perfumery and the use of glass as a product to contain and preserve scent. According to archaeological evidence, the art of making perfume is believed to have been practiced by some of the earliest human civilisations. Evidence of perfumery has been discovered in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, which is also where the earliest evidence of glass making has been discovered.
Among the five senses, smell has the strongest and most direct connection to memory with the ability to conjure quite distant, yet strikingly vivid, memories and emotions.  Our sense of smell is so powerful it can be used as a memory stimulant for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

21 August - 29 September 
Red House Glass Cone

The Lace Guild: Through the Looking Glass

Contemporary and traditional handmade lace and glass objects reflecting their mutual attributes of fragility and transparency.  The display is loosely based on the theme, Through the Looking Glass?

Date 7 August – 22 September
The Lace Guild, Audnam

Sand, Science and Scribes: Records of the Glass Industry

It took far more than the artistic flair and skill of a small number of people to turn the area in to a world leader for glass and the records on display will show this.  Recipe books, minutes and correspondence shed light on the scale of the industry whilst the pattern books will demonstrate the beauty of the end results.

25 August – 1 December 2017
Dudley Archives and Local History Service

See website for opening times

Brighten Your World

Window Wanderland: A Walking Trail to Light up our Festival.

Window Wanderland is a fun community project that started in Bristol and is being hosted by local residents in Wordsley in March 2018. The Glass Festival is delighted that a sneak preview of what's to come will take place in August when the local Window Wanderland will be launched. Window Wanderland involves local residents making displays in their windows or gardens that will form a magical trail which can be explored by the whole community. The trail can be accessed at

Haybridge High School: Arts Award

A small exhibition displaying pieces and portfolios created by year 9 students at Haybridge High School during one week in July.  These students have worked to achieve their Bronze Arts Award in a week.

21 August- 29 September
Red House Glass Cone

Glasshouse College Student Exhibition

A mixed media exhibition of work in glass, wood, metal and textiles created by students of Glasshouse College, which operates alongside the Ruskin Glass Centre, giving young adults with special needs the opportunity to work with experienced craftspeople.

25 August – 28 August
Ruskin Glass Centre

Image: Leaves and Rushes – Glass by Jennifer Brewer, Lace by Mary Coleman. Taken from the Lace Guild Exhibition