You know what a solar panel looks like right ....?

This series of artworks breaks the mould and challenges pre-conceptions about what our future might look like. It shows what happens when you let the artists have a say in how we respond to the climate emergency.

Artists Chloe Uden and Naomi Wright have been working with master glass craftsman Ian Hankey and the University of Exeter’s solar labs to push the aesthetics of solar photovoltaics.

They are re-imagining energy generation technology as a craft material and you are invited to talk to them about how you might want to incorporate green energy into your work.

Chloe Uden is a solar panel artist based in the UK. She is the founder of the collective Art and Energy CIC which is a group of artists that work to use their skills to respond to the climate emergency.

Chloe’s work seeks to explore, celebrate and play with the energy systems that connect us.

Art and Energy have re-imagined solar panels as a new craft material, and their beautiful artworks generate green electricity for special places.