In 1999 the old Royal Doulton factory in Stourbridge was facing the same fate as most of the other glass factories locally; being turned into a housing estate and losing its sense of identity. The Ruskin Mill Land Trust stepped in and bought the site in 2000 and has spent the last 17 years fundraising to renovate the buildings and create a thriving hub for the community.

Heritage Lottery Fund was the first funder to back the project, calling the vision 'truly transformational'. Advantage West Midlands provided £1.5m in funding to create the Ruskin Glass Centre, housing individual glass and craft businesses in a collaborative and collegiate zone. Heritage Lottery funded the expansion of the centre and the creation of the Glasshouse Arts Centre, which hosts the cultural programme and Glasshouse College's performing arts curriculum. The Glasshouse Visitor Centre houses a fascinating series of displays and artefacts charting the history of glassmaking on this site since 1691. Collectively the site is known as The Glasshouse.

Development continued with the Glasshouse Phase 3 Development with five new studios and reception.

This project reached the final of the National Lottery Awards 2017 and was awarded a Commendation in the Historic England Angel Awards 2018